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Hello friends in today’s post we will talk about how many days after period should you have sex And how many days after the period can pregnancy happen, friends, many women are not fully aware about pregnancy.

Due to lack of information about pregnancy, women get nervous while getting pregnant, but with a little information on this subject, all the questions arising in your mind are calmed.

Period or menstrual cycle related to the life of women, ovulation and pregnancy are some such difficult questions about which every woman should have the necessary information about when ovulation occurs.

When is the egg released after the period, how many days after the period does ovulation occur, in this article you will be given complete information related to it, so read this article completely, so let’s start

How many days after period should you have sex?

how many days after period should you have sex

You should never have a physical relationship in the beginning of pregnancy because if you do this then you may have a problem, you may have a physical problem, you are at risk of becoming pregnant, so after at least 10 days after pregnancy. You must have sex. Now you know that Period Ke Kitne Din Baad Sambandh Banana Chahiye What happens when you have sex during your period?

What happens if you have sex during your period?

What happens if you have sex during your period?

You all will know that this is the most painful time in a woman’s body, during this time the bad blood accumulated in the body comes out from the vagina of women and the body is healthy, many times this happens.

That men are unable to control the feeling of having sex during this time and he asks about having a physical relationship with his wife and she refuses because of the pain to women.

Having sex during menstruation ends periods early because during this period the production of menstrual tissue increases in the woman’s body, periods end quickly and when the bleeding during the period is treated.

Doctors say that while having sex during the period, it is a very careful thing that one should speak to take care of the cleanliness of the private part of your partner.

While having sex in the period, it is always necessary to use a condom on the penis, this prevents any kind of sexual disease.

* Sex should never be done during the first 2 days of menstruation, because during this there is a lot of blood flow, so make a relationship only on the third day of menstruation.

By having sex while taking a bath during menstruation, you will not have any kind of disease and you will also enjoy it.

During sex in the period, one should never touch the penis and vagina too much because there is a possibility of infection.

How many days after period does pregnancy occur?

how many days after period does pregnancy stop

Friends, after how many days after the period, the chances of getting pregnant are more when the egg which is in your body ie the egg which is matured and released which we also call ovulation.

Friends, if your period cycle assumes that it is 31 days, then what you have to do is simply minus 14 days in it, the date that will come is your ovulation date i.e. out of 31 when you do 14 minus then it happens 17 means that 17 days are the 17 days of your period cycle.

Your ovulation will happen around that, when your body ovulates, when the egg is released, it remains alive in your body for only 24 hours, that is, it is only 24 hours to get pregnant, which is important for getting pregnant but it is also not Is.

Only on the 17th day, there will be absolutely any ovulation, maybe a day or two before that or it can happen even after 1 or 2 days, so it means that you have 12 days i.e. in these days there are maximum chances of getting pregnant.

That is 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 it is five or six days in which any time the relationship can happen anytime and both of these you should have regular relationship as your chances of getting pregnant increase .

How long does a period last?

how long does it last

Friends, here we will talk about how many days the period lasts, so let me tell you that for every woman period time Varies but goods it is 2 to 6 days.

And this period of a normal young woman is of 4 days and as they progress, the irregularity of the arrow starts coming and gradually it disappears.

For how many days does the mouth of the uterus remain open?

Friends, when a woman’s period is over, then the mouth of that woman’s uterus or uterus opens well, that is, when your period is last, then after that the mouth of the uterus also opens.

Friends, some women believe that when the mouth of the uterus is open, then the pregnancy stops by making a relationship and many women get pregnant by doing so.

When does the egg come out after periods

There is a definite process of ovulation after the period. To understand this process, you have to understand menstruation. In ovulation, a ready egg reaches the phlopin tube by the woman’s ovary.

An egg is prepared in the ovary of almost every mother woman, after being completely ready, the egg bursts from the ovary to the flopin and waits for the sperm, if in such a situation you do not make a relationship.

So at this time the lining of the uterus becomes thick for the eggs to be fixed, if the eggs are not fixed then the lining of the uterus comes out along with the blood. comes what we also know as building

What is a normal period called?

what is normal period

Most of the women have a lot of questions related to the period, on how many days the period comes, then we call it normal, when the period comes, then how many days is bleeding, we call it normal and what is the period in it. how much bleeding should be And the pain that occurs in the period is normal, at what interval should the period come?

Period length of cycle

What should be the length of the period, then the average that is taken is 28 days, which means that most women get their period in 28 days, but the period comes 1 week before and a week after it.

It is also called normal, that is, if someone’s period is coming on 21 days, someone is coming on 35 days, then both of them are normal if you period is coming less than 21 days and more than 35 days. So this is not a normal period and there can be any reason behind it.

For how many days should bleeding be in the period?

Friends, the normal duration of this was taken for two to 7 days, if someone is bleeding for less than 2 days and someone is bleeding for more than 7 days, then this is also not normal and there can be a big one behind it, for which the doctor advice is needed.

How much bleeding is called normal?

If a woman has bleeding from 5ml to 80ml during the period, then we consider it normal but it is very difficult for anyone to calculate the building in practice, so I will also tell you the easy way.

If a woman has to change the pad many times during the period, that is, every 3 to 4 hours, the pad has to be changed even at night, there are clots at the time of building, whose size is more than 1 inch and the building which It has been running for more than 7 days.

Or the symptoms that come due to lack of blood in the body, such as fatigue, lack of interest in any work and heartbeat or light breathlessness, swelling in the body, all these symptoms indicate that during the period. You are bleeding heavily and it is very important to get tested for this.

Is there pain during period?

Whether there is pain at the time of period, the answer is yes, every woman has pain at the time of period, some have less, some have more and this pain indicates to any woman to tell about the period because this Through the pen, the woman comes to know that she is about to come from her period.

What should I eat to prevent pregnancy?

To prevent pregnancy, you should eat things with vitamin C, in which vitamin C is found and you should eat only things like figs, papaya etc., all these things help you to stop your pregnancy.

Period ke Kitne Din Baad Relation Banane se Pregnancy Hoti Hai (Video)


Friends, how many days after the period you should make a relationship, how did you like it, definitely tell us in the comment box, if any mistake has been made by us in this, then definitely comment us in the comment box to tell that too.

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