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mobail screen mirror in laptop Many times there is a need to mirror the mobile screen in the laptop, but not everyone has the information about mirroring the screen, so search on Google how to mirror the screen in these windows 10 in laptop, so today we are giving information about screen mirror. Screen mirroring is a new technology, with this technology you can easily see the icons shown in your mobile in laptop or computer. Nowadays, mobile screen mirroring can be done in TV, but for this you must have a new technology TV.

how to do mobile screen mirror in laptop

To mirror the mobile screen to the laptop, follow the following rule –

  • First turn on your laptop
  • Now turn on wifi of laptop
  • Now click on Connect in the search bar on the right side of your laptop.
  • Now you have to click on connect option
  • Now you will see project to pc written in the lower left side, then you have to click
  • Now you have to click on Lunch App Connect
  • Now you will see Mira cast then you turn on your mobile phone
  • Find the cast option in the mobile phone, there is a cast option in the setting.
  • Now you have to turn on WiFi and Bluetooth and open the mobile cast
  • Now your phone will start mirroring with the laptop
  • In this way mobile screen can be mirrored to laptop

If you want more information about how to mirror mobile to laptop then you can watch this video

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