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Friends, in today’s post, we will tell you how you can find orphanage girls for marriage and along with this, how to marry the girls of the ashram, what are the conditions and rules for getting married.

You are going to get the answers to all these questions in today’s post, if you want to get married with the girls of the orphanage or are looking for the girls of the orphanage, then after reading this post you will be able to find the girls of the ashram very easily.

Find orphanage girls for marriage
orphanage girls for marriage

How to find orphanage girls for marriage

Well minded young people who want to marry a girl from orphanage I would suggest that to the state in which you live you let us know where the orphanage is located You can ask the people of your area about the orphanage if your near or Then there will be an orphanage a few miles away, then you will know

if you orphanage If there is trouble in finding, then you can also find out about the orphanage with the help of Google, in whichever area you live, write the name of that state on Google, how if you live in Haryana, then you have to write on Google that “Where is the orphanage in Haryana”

If you write this on Google, then you will get all the home ashrams of your state or region, there you will get the list of all the orphanage and along with that you will get the mobile number of the orphanage, you can call on that number. You can also get more information about the orphanage, so in this way you can get information about the orphanage.

how to marry orphanage girls

If you want to marry the girls of the orphanage, then for that you have to go to the orphanage, you will have to contact the head of the orphanage.

You have to talk to the head of the orphanage that I want to marry the girl of the orphanage and give her a new identity and spend my life with her

To marry a girl from the orphanage, the head of the orphanage will ask you for complete information about you like where do you live, what do you do, what do your parents do, do you have a house, many such questions that may ask you about the ashram. The head will be asked and two witnesses will be asked from you, after that the team will come from your home orphanage and your entire family will see the family, after that the head of the orphanage will get you married with the girl of the orphanage.

After marrying the girl of the orphanage, a legal file is prepared there so that you do not harass this girl after marriage or do not leave it, if you do this then you will be punished legally. Might be possible

Along with this, your work will also be seen whether you can fill the girl’s stomach or not. After seeing everything, the orphanage girl marries you

If you want the boy’s mobile number and photo for marriage, then read this post – How to get girls numbers and photos for marriage?

How people should marry girls from orphanages

Marrying the girl of the orphanage is done by the same person who is a person of good thinking, it is a very noble act to recognize the girl of the orphanage and spend life with her because the girls of the orphanage are very emotional, by recognizing them, you share in the noble cause. Can get it

If you give a new life to a boy who does not have parents and who is orphan and by marrying you can become a part of virtue, for this you just have to go to the orphanage and ask there if anyone here If the girl is eligible for marriage, then I want to marry her and settle my house, you will definitely find some girl in the orphanage

orphanage mobile number list

Friends, we have given you a list of some orphan ashrams below, we have given the name of the ashram and the mobile number of the orphanage in the list below, you can also ask by calling there

orphanage Number
MDD Bal Bhawan Anath Ashram XXXXXXXXXXX
All India Pingla Ashram 0175 220XXXX
Guru Nanak Anath Ashram Budhiana 09501XXXXXX
Nirbho Nirvair Ashram 01732 2XXXXX
Arya Mahila Ashram 4354XXXXXXX
Anath Ashram Kheri Jattan 09914XXXXXX
Sri Ram Ashram 09837XXXXXX

my last word

We have told you in detail about all these where to find ashram girls for marriage, how do we marry girls of ashram, if you still have any question related to orphanage in your mind then you can ask us below. Will tell you as much as you can about the orphanage

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