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If you want poor girl’s number for marriage, rich girl’s number, then you are going to give information about how to get girls’ number, if you are looking for poor girl’s number for marriage, then in this article you will get information. will be given.

If you marry a poor girl, then you are doing a good job because many poor girls are not able to get married due to lack of money, so if you marry a poor girl, then the poor girl’s parents will pray for you too

garib ladki ka number
  • First you try to get the poor girl’s number and photo offline, by this you can get the poor girls around your house for marriage and you can get the girls numbers for marriage in this way
  • To get the number of the poor girl, you can tell the people of your acquaintance that if a poor girl is in your knowledge, who is eligible for marriage, then please tell, then in this way also you can get the number of the poor girl.
  • The poor girl’s number can also be taken online, for this many websites have already been made on the internet, one of them is bride and bride online.com.
  • On this website, the number of both the boy and the girl can be taken for marriage, but for this you have to register on the bride and groom online website.

Number for marriage, registration on bride and groom online

  • To get the girl’s number for online marriage, the bride and groom will have to register online.
  • to register First of all go to the website bride and groom online by clicking here
  • Now you will be seeing the registration form, then you fill the saree details about yourself like name, address, photo, etc.
  • Once you fill all the information you will get Login ID and Password
  • Now you have to login to the bride online website with the help of login id and password.
  • Now you can easily get the number of any girl

If you are having problem in registering on the bride and groom online, then we have made a video and you can register by watching it, then friends, in this way you can register for marriage and for marriage of poor rich girl and boy. You can get the number.

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