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Talking in English seems a bit difficult, some people find it almost impossible, but friends, it is not so, if you work hard in the right way, and adopt the right strategy, then you will also speak fluent English towards others. Well, this is my purpose of writing this article, so that I can tell you, that we all can also talk in English, learning English is not an arrow in the sky, but it is an art, and this art should be practiced. We will all learn together. I have made some strategy here by talking to an English teacher, which I am sharing with you all, if you find it difficult to speak English, or if you are very weak in English, then you should follow this strategy All those who speak English, or who have learned English, have become experts in English by following this method.english me baat kaise kare

Before knowing about all these techniques, I want to tell you why it is important to learn or speak English.

English is a major international language and speaking English has become almost essential for people to learn English if they want to enter a global workforce. Research from around the world shows that most business communication is done in English and many international companies expect employees to be fluent in English. Because English is no longer just a language, but it is a necessity, which everyone should be aware of.

One reason for this is that English is the most widely used language in the world. So to face the world and interact with the world easily, we Indians use English extensively.

Also another reason is that we were ruled by the British Empire for almost 200 years. So it is natural that we Indians are more exposed to English than any other foreign language in the world.

Another reason is that English is the second official national language of our country. And as it is easily seen that our country is divided into states, different languages ​​are spoken in each state. That is why it is necessary to have any language as a medium of communication, and this work is done by English.

How to talk in English?

Friends, to talk in English, first you must know English, and to know English, you have to learn English, learning English is not a very difficult task, because any language which is not your only language, it has to be learned by practice. Is. If you think that by reading some books and articles, you will learn English, then it will not happen. For this you have to concentrate well on it. If your budget is fine, then you can also join an English coaching, but if you want to learn English language from home, then you will have to employ some techniques for this. And believe me, if you use the method I have told, then you will learn English easily, so let’s know about all these methods.

english grammar

To learn any language, first of all there should be an understanding of the grammar of that language, if you want to learn English, then you have to learn English Grammar, to learn English Grammar you can buy some books, like neetu singh english book There is a very good book, in which basic English has been told in Hindi, along with this, English words have also been given in this book, by remembering which you can expand your vocabulary.

You can buy more books to learn English grammar, for this you can buy recommended books by some English teachers on YouTube. You can also use the Internet to learn grammar, because nowadays the Internet is the biggest companion of students, without it it is difficult to study.

By internet I mean youtube and blog, many blogs and websites are specially made for English grammar test only, if you spend a little time on google, and do research, you will come to know about all these websites. I have given some website names here, I have also given some YouTube channel names here, which will help you to learn English grammar.

English Learning Websites: cambridgeenglish, britishcouncil.org, https://ift.tt/3x1c9K6, examenglish.com

English Learning YouTube Channels: EnglishGuru, English Speeches, TS Madan, English TV, Unacadmy


A vocabulary is a list of words।

A vocabulary means a group of words, friends, to remember any language, you should know about some important words of that language, like if you say hello to someone in Hindi, then this word in English What can be said, hello, hi, how d they mean hello in Hindi. In the same way, you should know the English meaning of other words. For this, you will have to study English daily, and remember the meaning of all the difficult words. If someone talks to you in English, or you hear someone speaking English, and there is a word that you do not understand, then you should immediately search for its meaning in the dictionary or phone.

Vocabulary is the most important part after grammar in learning English, if you become expert in vocabulary, and your grammar is also perfect, then you just don’t need anything, both of these are enough to speak English, and both of these It is considered an important part of English.

Reading is the best way to expand one’s vocabulary. When reading, new words are often presented to you in a context that you can understand, not only does this help you understand the language, but it gives you an example of how to use that word to make sense of a sentence. Do it. That’s why reading is a very effective way of learning the English vocabulary.

Another thing I would like to tell you about, which helped me learn a lot of words, is reading a dictionary. I read editorial articles in the English newspaper, and I always keep a dictionary with me. So that whatever word I find difficult, I write it down in my notebook, and also try to remember its meaning. You should try this too.


As I just told you that reading newspaper is very important work, and every English learner definitely read newspaper, if you don’t read, then you must read it. The articles in the newspaper not only help us to understand English, but also help us to grasp the language. That’s why every morning you should read English newspaper, if you can not get newspaper, then you can also download app in phone, you can download it in your phone. jio magazine app This is a great app, with the help of which you can read newspapers from many countries and abroad.

The Hindu is the best and most effective newspaper, but to improve English you can follow any English newspaper. You have to read every single sentence of the newspaper to avoid construction mistake. You have to read a lot to continuously improve your writing. Style One of the basic features in English is you must follow the way the paper is written. you spelling also have to follow. It increases your vocabulary which is very important to improve English. You have to follow the styling, construction, spelling very carefully. And pay special attention to the editorial part of the newspaper.
Remember it will all be in vain unless you practice. That is why if you do not understand at once, then read again and again, keep practicing.

think in english

Friends, to learn English or to talk in English, you have to think in English, I will explain to you by giving my own example, how you can think in English.
I am not a native English speaker. So, in the beginning, I learned to translate in the mind. I used to translate them into English by making sentences with my own mind, gradually I used to make English stories in my own mind, by doing this my English changed a lot, and now Google Translate app has also come, in which you can read some You can also translate it into English by typing in Hindi. This is an amazing app, and it will help you learn English.

english film

Watching movies is a lot more fun than studying with a textbook! It can be equally useful. This is the reason why English movies are very effective in learning English. Below I have given some reasons, how will you benefit from watching English films.

  • real english Books are a great way to learn vocabulary or grammar, but no better than listening to real native English. By watching British and American films, you can hear native English actors speaking the language in a natural way. It will help you learn modern English and sound like a native speaker in terms of vocabulary and style.
  • Better Sponsorship Sometimes it can be hard to know how to pronounce an English word. Listening to native speakers in movies will teach you the right way to say things. Dialogues in movies also provide good examples of how words turn into connected speech.
  • LIVE CONTEXT – When you learn a word, it can be difficult to remember what it means or how to use it. In movies, words are used as part of a story and this context helps you learn and remember them more effectively.
  • NATIVE ACCENTS – There are many different pronunciations for speaking English in the UK and the US. While watching movies, you will hear many regional accents being used and this will help you understand them better. Textbooks rarely provide information about English accents.
  • EXPLORE CULTURE – You can learn about the culture behind the language while watching a movie in English. Language and culture are closely linked. Studying both at the same time by watching original movies will prove to be very beneficial for you.

get help from app

Some of the best apps to learn English grammar are given below, the link to download these apps is also given, you can download any app or all app according to you.

English Grammar by Zayan: This application is best for those who want to know more specific in subjects. It also includes practice sessions with MCQs. If you want to study grammar deeply, then you must download this app. to download Here Go.

Quizmaster by British Council: This app is for beginners and intermediate students. And many quizzes have been given in this, from beginner students to advanced children also use this app. download can do.

Test Your English by Martin K: This app is for Elementary, Intermediate and Difficult level English. This is a MUST HAVE app for learning English, and you must have it on your phone. download should do.

Grammar Games Lite by Ranvic labs Lite: This app contains topics like irregular verbs, idioms, synonyms and proverbs. There are 10 questions for each game, but the questions keep changing if you play it again. It also tests your spelling. This is one of my favorite apps. taken to download Here Go

Hello English: This is one of the most downloaded apps for learning English, if you are a newbie, or you know very little English, then you should download this app, it has easy to difficult tests, and This app works in Hindi language also, to download this app Here Click.

In the end- friends, I have written this article to learn English, in this I have told many new ways to learn English, if you follow all the methods, then you can easily learn English language, and share English with your friends. I can talk, how did you like this article, or do you want me to write some article on English grammar, if yes, then suggest me in the comment below.

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