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Kharmas 2021 Date: The Kharmas of one month is going to start from 14th December to 14th January. During this, no auspicious work is done for a whole month.

What is Kharmas? (Kharmas Kya Hai In Hindi)

The period of Margashirsha and Paush is called Kharmas. Khar means raucous, donkey, cruel or wicked i.e. an unpleasant month. Actually the earth, planets and constellations are part of the solar system. Because of this, the Sun has great importance on our life. But in the month of Kharmas, this most important source of energy becomes dull, dull, filthy. Due to the effect of Kharmas, the Sun remains completely weak and bright for the whole month. The second name of Margashirsha is also ‘Arkagrahan’, which later became Arghana after becoming Apabhramsa. In the middle of Arkagrahan and Paush, there is a soreness.

Worship of Red Sun is especially beneficial

“Saptadosham Ravirhanti, Sheshadi Uttarayane” means that the Sun alone eliminates the defects of the seven planets. For this reason, while getting rid of all the three doshas, ​​physical, divine and physical, worshiping the Sun is auspicious for wishing for all material happiness. Suryadev is considered to be the king of all the planets. Kundali defect can be removed by sun worship. Those who are longing for the throne, unemployed and oppressed must worship the red sun in the morning. After bath in the morning, again offer water to Bhaskar. Daily this worship removes all the planetary conditions from the horoscope.

ways to get sun grace

  • Donate wheat, jaggery, copper, gold, red sandalwood etc. to the needy on Sunday.
  • Every morning after bathing and meditating, offer Arghya to the rising sun by mixing roli.
  • On Sunday, feed jaggery-gram to monkeys and wheat to red cows.
  • If the Sun is in a debilitated house in the horoscope, then neither take things related to the Sun, nor give it to anyone.
  • Chanting of Surya Mantras with full devotion can yield auspicious results.

This remedy is also effective in Kharmas

1. If you have frequent accidents, injury, fear of murder or fear of premature death, then you should worship Surya in the afternoon ‘Abhijeet’ Muhurta. With true worship, the whole life will be away from this fear.
2. If the house is full of food and money and the family is happy, then worshiping the setting sun in the evening will be beneficial. By regularizing this worship, there is no shortage of facilities.
3. Those who desire all material happiness and opulence in life, they must worship the Sun God at Brahmavela.

Mythology of Kharmas (Kharmas Story In Hindi)

According to the Markandeya Purana, Suryadev travels around the world with the help of seven horses. The Sun does not have to stop and slow down during the orbit. But due to relentless travel, the seven horses get tired in the season of Hemant and stop on the banks of the pond to drink water. But the sun cannot stop, so to continue the journey, two donkeys standing there continue the journey by adding them to the chariot. Donkeys complete the journey of the universe in the whole month of Paush at a slow speed, due to which the sun’s speed reaches the earth very weakly. According to another mythological belief, in this month two serpents named Mahapadma-Karkotaka, two demons named Aap and Vatnami, two yakshas, ​​Anshu-bhaga two Adityas, Chitrangad-Aranayu two apsaras, Saha-Sahasya with the chariot of the Sun. And the sages Kratu and Kashyap go together.

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