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What is the salary of sarpanch, sarpanch ki kitni salary hoti hai, friends, we know very well about sarpanch. And those who are from the village, they choose the sarpanch. However, those who are from the city have a chairman here. They elect the chairman.

Sarpanch is the head of the Gram Panchayat. He looks after the development of the villages. and him Government He gets some money from the side, with the help of which he does development work. Panchayats play a useful role in the social, political and economic life of rural India. Well friends, this is called self-government. In this, the people choose the Sarpanch and he runs the government.

Sarpanch is also known by other names like village head, sarpanch, mukhiya, village head.

And if we talk about the election of Sarpanch, then this election also takes place with great enthusiasm. A lot of money is spent in this too. In the elections held here, many people contest for the post of sarpanch. And after that many times there is a fierce competition. Overall, when a party wins, it is welcomed. And for this, DJs play etc. And sweets are also distributed.

What is the salary of Sarpanch

What is the salary of sarpanch sarpanch ki kitni salary hoti hai

It remains in the mind of many of us that Sarpanch earns lakhs. But in the real sense, we do not even know what is Realty? If you get to know the realty, you will be stunned. You must have seen the atmosphere of elections. To become a Sarpanch, 5 to 7 lakhs have to be spent. But if we talk about the salary of Sarpanch, then it is only 1500 to 3000. You must be thinking that how can someone work for such a low salary. But the reality is something else.

  • Zilla Parishad President: 12 thousand rupees per month,
  • Zilla Parishad Vice President: 10 thousand rupees per month,
  • Head of Panchayat Samiti: 10 thousand rupees per month,
  • Panchayat Samiti Deputy Chief: 5 thousand rupees per month,
  • Deputy Head: Rs 1200 per month,
  • Sarpanch: 2500 rupees per month,
  • Deputy Sarpanch: Rs 1200 per month
  • Zilla Parishad Member: Rs 2500 per month
  • Panchayat Samiti Members: 1000 per month

In this way earn money sarpanch sarpanch ki tankha kitni hoti hai

Friends, no sarpanch is made because he gets 3000 rupees a month. He becomes sarpanch because he gets good money. You would know that every gram panchayat gets 5 to 8 crores from the government. And the Sarpanch works in getting those development works done. He overestimates the cost within a task. The result of which is that the sarpanch gets stuck with those money.

This is the only way to earn money. If you have ever paid attention to the works made by the Sarpanch, then you will come to know that that house or other construction work of so many lakhs is not there. But even after that it is written there. And the fake bill is paid. And other people also meet with the sarpanch. Under such a situation, you can understand what the sarpanch can do? He becomes quite wealthy within his five-year career. You must have seen that even in the houses of the sarpanch, cells are erected.

Like the sarpanch is making a pool in someone’s field and inside it he is collecting two lakh rupees. In such a situation, he will spend more than half the money in it and keep some part with himself. Or the goods will be lightened. Due to which the Sarpanch will get a lot of benefit. In this way the sarpanch will earn money.

Importance of the post of Sarpanch

Friends, the post of Sarpanch is very useful. Especially the schemes run by the state and central government. They are operated only with the help of Gram Panchayat. After the Panchayati Raj Act 1992, the importance of Sarpanch has increased a lot. And for the development of the village, the Sarpanch has the biggest contribution. What are the problems inside the village, only the sarpanch solves them.

Sarpanch and Ward Panch inside India

Friends, there are 250000 gram panchayats inside India. And within them about 6 lakh villages come. Let us tell you that every village has a population. And population According to this, Gram Panchayats are formed. There are many wards inside a Gram Panchayat and there is also a Ward Panch of each ward. After that the election of Up Sarpanch is also done. Apart from this, a Panchayat Secretary is also appointed by the State Government. All of them meet among themselves and after that they work in the area of ​​implementation of government schemes.

And the Sarpanch is elected once every five years. And the voters of the state take part in the election of Sarpanch.

Allocation of seats for Sarpanch

Friends, you must have heard that this time women’s seat has come. So the seat which belongs to the sarpanch can contest the election. Not everyone can contest elections from the caste. SC/ST/OBC etc. Whoever has a seat, the same person stands inside the election. Friends, by the way, let us tell you that the seat is already told and 50 percent seats have been reserved for women.

If there is a woman’s seat, then only a woman can stand to contest the election. Although it has been seen that only women contest elections, but all their workload is handled by men. This especially happens when women are not able to work or they do not have to work.

Benefits of becoming a Sarpanch

Friends, if you are going to become a sarpanch, then we are going to tell you its benefits too. What are the benefits because of which everyone wants to become a sarpanch.

If you will know about the benefits of becoming a sarpanch, you will be stunned. This is the reason that everyone wants to become a sarpanch, so let us know what can be the benefit of becoming a sarpanch.

Benefits of becoming a Sarpanch

Friends, even if the government does not give you money, but you can earn a lot of money inside it by earning above. A Sarpanch is for five years and he easily prints 30 to 50 lakhs in five years. And no one even knows anything. However, what is their real income? They do not tell anyone about it. If you have been a sarpanch then you would know what is real income? You can tell us by commenting inside your comment box.

Some time ago a knowledgeable sarpanch stood up. He told that he had spent up to 10 lakhs during the election of Sarpanch. But what is that after that if he has won then he will recover all the money.

You should know that whatever money someone spends in the election of Sarpanch, he already recovers that money. Then what will the development work be done? This happens in India’s system. it’s not a big deal.

Benefits of becoming a Sarpanch

Friends, once the one who becomes the sarpanch, his respect automatically increases. In our place, only a small boy became sarpanch, so after becoming sarpanch people started calling him sarpanch saab. So you can understand that if you want to increase your respect then sarpanch can be very beneficial for you. However, only if you want to become a sarpanch to improve your reputation, you can also become one. But you must have money, this will be your first condition. If you have money then it will be very easy for you to become sarpanch.

Your name in the development works of the village

Friends, if you become a sarpanch, then you can write your name in the development works of the village. You must have seen that the names of many sarpanches are written on the dedication stones. This name is not easily erased. And for thousands of years these names remain like this. Many such stones have been found in history. on which the names are written. And they have been recognized.

So friends if you want to become sarpanch then you can make your name bright. You can also get your name installed as a guest inside the development works. So if you want to earn your name in this way, then it is very beneficial for you.

can help the poor

Friends, Sarpanch is such a post that can easily help the poor. If you like to help someone, then the post of sarpanch can be very beneficial for you. A sarpanch can get many works done. Which can be for helping the poor. For example, if the sarpanch gets money to build a house, he can build houses for the poor. And can make other arrangements for the poor, such as ration water can be easily available.

The effect increases on becoming sarpanch

Friends, when a person becomes a sarpanch, then he easily gets access to the minister, then in this way his influence also increases. And he can easily get any kind of police transferred. Or in a way, it would be said that the police also do what they say.

There were many such cases in our place which could not be solved without the sarpanch, but the sarpanch got them resolved very quickly.

For example, if someone has caught your car or if you are stuck inside the police case somewhere, then the sarpanch can prove to be very helpful for you. can be beneficial.

chance to improve your village

sarpanch ki kitni salary hoti hai

Friends, some sarpanch are such that they love their village very much. IIT Mumbai, ONGC and Vidya Bharatiya Educational Institute are claiming that Bancha in Betul district is the first village in the country where no house has a wood stove. And no type of LPG cylinder is used inside this village.

Solar system has been installed in every house inside this village. This solar system is used for preparing food. Friends, like this village, Sarpanch can also illuminate his village.

A sarpanch has a chance to improve his village. If you become a sarpanch then you can improve your village in many ways like you can make arrangements for good drainage of water inside your village. So that the village Water should not be scattered here and there inside the streets. In this way, you can arrange electricity inside your village.

Apart from this, pucca houses can be built in the houses inside the village, which have kutcha houses, so that gradually the status of the village changes. Similarly, there are many such development works that you can do.

In this way, if you become the sarpanch, then it will be a very beneficial thing for you.

You have a chance to help farmers

friends are farmers Annadata There are. And if you become sarpanch then you have a chance to help the farmers. You can help the farmers in many ways. There are many such schemes which work for the welfare of the farmers. You can work on those schemes and pass them on to the farmers. Apart from this, the government also gives many types of compensation to the farmers. You can get those compensations to the farmers and inform the farmers about them.

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