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What happens by killing an owl, ullu ko marne se kya hota hai, we all know very well about owls. Owls are visible at night instead of during the day. Because of this it is a nocturnal bird. Its claws are very sharp, so that it can easily grab its prey. Owl The main food they eat is rats. If we talk about the vision of the owl, then the vision of the owl is very fast. So that it can see its prey even from a distance.

There are many auspicious and inauspicious beliefs associated with owls. in every country in the world Owl is found. In some places, owls are seen as being associated with ghosts, then in countries like India, owls are considered to be the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi. In the ancient Greeks, Athene, the goddess of wisdom, is said to have taken the form of an owl on earth. Apart from this, the owl is called a fool but it is not right. Scientists have now proved that owls are very intelligent animals.

In Shakespeare’s own 1883 folk tale about the owl, it is said that it is ominous. The owl was told that it was a harbinger of death. Similarly, many writers have considered owls to be not good.

Even though an owl is bad omen, you should not kill an owl. What many people do is that they kill owls for their hobby, which is inappropriate. So many wicked people take pleasure in killing it. So what to say about such people? In this article, we will tell what happens by killing an owl? Why shouldn’t he be killed?

1.Owl hunts crop-destroying rats what happens when you kill an owl

Friends, the number of rats is never less. And in such a situation owl can prove to be a boon. No matter how much medicine you use, you will not be able to eliminate the rats completely. In such a situation owl is beneficial for the farmers. If you kill even one owl then it causes huge loss to the farmers because there is no other thing to control the number of rats. And currently snakes are not like that. You should know that an owl eats 100 0 rats in a year. If you care about the farmers, then don’t kill the owl.

Even inside our area, the number of owls has reduced. And the result of this is also clearly visible. The number of rats has increased in the fields. The poison is also not proving to be that effective. Rats are damaging the crops.

what happens when you kill an owl

If you cannot keep owls, then at least do not kill them. And now many farmers are also raising owls. Because it hunts down rats destroying their farms.

‌‌‌2.Owl To Strike Snake Of population To increased Can Is

Friends, we all know how deadly snakes are. At present, humans are the biggest reason for not reading snake population. Now the species of peacocks and mongooses that eat snakes are also becoming very less. If you kill an owl, it easily kills 10 snakes in at least one year. Seen in this way, owl helps a lot in protecting you from snakes. If you destroy the owl population, then somewhere the population of snakes will increase.

3.It will be bad for your health.

Friends owl eats many types of flying insects. If you kill the owl, many thousands of insects will not die and will continue to roam inside the environment. Which will cause diseases. And at present you know that every human being is alive with just a dose. Even if you use drugs to kill the insects. But that is the natural balance. As beneficial as it is, no other way is beneficial.

‌‌‌4.You Own Crop Of Defense To lost will give

Friends, more than 1100 owls have been kept on an island inside Malaysia. And this is it, they save trees by eating earthworms and insects. In this way owls are being used to protect palm trees. In a way, if you kill the owl, you are destroying the biological control. Which is not beneficial for the farmers. Earlier, insecticides were used at this place inside Malaysia too, but it is fatal for all. Now more than 1000 boxes for owls have been installed here.

‌‌‌5.You Owl To by hitting natural Beauty To destroyed do are Huh

Friends, owl is a very beautiful bird and if you kill it, then in a way you are destroying the natural beauty. If it continues in this manner, then after that you will not even get to see the owl. You will see it only in books with pictures.

‌‌‌6.Owl To Strike heinous Of Inside Now Is

Friends, if you kill an owl without any valid reason, then you are becoming a partaker of sin inside the vain. Now many people here feel that nothing is repaid for sin. They can do anything but you must know that everything is deep science.

And you have to suffer the consequences of everything that you do. Even if a fool may not believe it, it is natural. Those who kill owls or kill any other animal for their petty benefits, then by doing such deeds, a senseless feeling goes home in their mind. And such human beings do not show mercy to any living being. And when these karma increase, its sanskars are stored in their mind and after death, the phantoms possessed by these sanskars wander in the vagina. In this way, they keep burning in the fire of lust in this yoni. You should know that most of the people who kill owls are tamoguni.

7.Killing an owl can land you in a legal battle

Killing an owl could land you in a legal battle

Owl is protected under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife Act, 1972. And if any owl is found killing it can be caught by the police. Within this, he can be imprisoned up to 3 years. If someone keeps or sells them, then it comes under crime.

Let us tell you that there is a huge demand for some rare species of owls abroad, so some people get the owls caught from the villagers and then sell them abroad. This gives them a good amount of money. When a raid was conducted at a Himachal official, 50 owls were recovered here. Owl catchers light a fire inside the forests and then catch the owl by laying a trap.

‌‌‌8.Owl To Strike Mother Lakshmi Of Insult Ho Can Is

Friends, killing owls is not good anyway, but Hindus consider owls to be the ride of Goddess Lakshmi. In such a situation, it is considered very auspicious to visit an owl on the night of Diwali. If you kill an owl, then in a way you are making Goddess Lakshmi angry, which is not a good thing. Especially for those people who believe in gods.

‌‌‌India In Owl To Inauspicious Why Agreed go Is ?

Friends, there is a belief in India about owl that it is not good. Meaning it is considered inauspicious. A simple logic works behind it. Owl is a nocturnal bird. And it is also a carnivore. Due to being non-vegetarian, its company cannot live with any other bird or animal. There is a banyan tree inside the village. Many birds used to live on it earlier in the night. Later the owl became the abode, so now no bird lives above it. In a way, the area where the owl starts living becomes deserted. And the deserted is considered inauspicious. Because of this owl is considered inauspicious. Let us tell you that it is auspicious for an owl to come home in the night but it is considered inauspicious during the day. But this is just a belief. Its adverse effect is unknown. But as far as I think the owl’s stay in the house is related to this subject. If the owl stays in the house, then the house will also become deserted.

But owls rarely live in houses which have been ruined and no one goes inside them. They rest in these houses during the day and look for their prey at night.

There are also strange beliefs about owls. There is a belief that owls should never be hit with a stone. Otherwise the owl takes it and throws it in the water, then the person who dies keeps on mixing with the stone.

‌‌‌Mechanism Action Of for kill go Huh Owl

Friends, there is a book Ulluk Tantra, many uses of owls have been given in this book. And the tantric people capture the owl and do tantra action and kill it. Owls are also used in many ways to do vashikaran etc. When you have other options also available then what is the benefit of killing owl? Many such tantriks are caught who are found killing owls.

When it is the time of Diwali and Holi, then the demand for owls increases a lot. Usually owl is found within 500 rupees, which is available from 6 thousand to 15 thousand at present. And tantrik people buy it. Many vashikaran actions are performed with the help of owl.

Many experiments are done about the owl inside the system. In which the owl is worshiped, he is fed liquor and meat. Tantric people use the feet of the owl to increase wealth, in the same way it is believed about the eye that one can be hypnotized. The liver is used to subdue someone. Owl’s beak kills and it is written on the leaf with its feathers.

Most of the market for buying and selling owls is spread over Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. These people mainly lived in the interior rural areas of Jaipur, Bharatpur, Alwar and Fatehpur Sikri. And there are many people who keep owls secretly and make them breed. Keep them with you, when Diwali comes etc., after that they sell those owls at high prices.

At present, the species of owl inside India is decreasing very fast. If it continues like this, then owls will be completely eliminated in India. However, if we talk about our area, then there are only a few owls left here. They are also getting destroyed.

how to save owl from killing

how to save owl from killing

There are many ways you can try to save friends from killing owls. And can protect the owl inside its territory. Below we are providing you some tips for this, which can be very beneficial for you.

  • Do not get the owl to do tantra action. Friends, do not get the owl’s mechanism done. People who do this kind of action worship black forces. Which will not be beneficial for you in any way. You should distance yourself from the mechanisms of owls. There are many other actions in which the creature does not have to be killed, he can get it done.
  • Friends, if you want to protect the owl inside your area, then the owl should never be hunted or caught. Rather, he should be left to his condition.
  • If you see any person who buys or sells owl or hunts it, then you should inform the police. This can be very beneficial for you.

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