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Hindi meaning of landmark, landmark ka matlab kya hota hai hindi mein, you must have heard the name of landmark many times, landmark means a place about which that particular area is well known, it is known as landmark. Is. Well landmarks are everywhere, although their use is different, but you will find them everywhere. If you have paid attention, then you will know that nowadays if any address is filled, then the name of the landmark definitely comes in the English form. Because it becomes very easy to identify. And if you have also noticed inside Hindi, then when we tell someone an address, then after that we tell him about the landmark. By telling about the landmark, he gets the advantage that he can reach his place easily.

landmark ka matlab kya hota hai hindi mein

A landmark is a very useful thing. Especially in the matter of identification. If there is any landmark near your house, then you can tell us by commenting about it. The landmark is still used today. Even if today you have the option of Google Maps. But even after that, it is used as a landmark near by.

What is the landmark ka matlab kya hota hai?landmark What Would Is ?

As we told you above, a landmark is a place that everyone knows about. Like if there is a temple in your village then it should also landmark Can say. Or a place that everyone knows about. The landmark is specially used for the purpose of identification. You must have understood the landmark ka matlab very well. Now let’s know

landmark word Of Origin

Friends, if we talk about the origin of the word landmark, then it originated from the word landmearc in Old English. For example, Table Mountain near Cape Town, South Africa, during the era of exploration, sailors were able to navigate around the southern tip of Africa. Used as a landmark to help

In modern usage, a landmark includes anything that is easily recognizable, such as a monument, building, or other structure.

landmark Of Type

Friends, if we talk about the type of landmark, then it is mainly of two types. One is natural landmark and the other is man-made landmark. The number of natural landmark is very less but the number of man-made landmark is very high. . Well, let’s try to know about them in a little detail.

Natural landmark

If we talk about Natural Landmark, then the Ganges river can be in it inside India and many other types of mountains and mountains can also come inside it. You can go to the wild area in this. And if we talk about foreign countries, there are Table Mountain in South Africa, Mount Ararat in Turkey, Uluru in Australia, Mount Fuji in Japan and Grand Canyon in the United States.

The meaning of Natural Landmark is that which Nature has made. Which we humans have not created. What nature has created is natural.

Human made landmark

Human made landmark

This category comes for the landmarks that man has made. And most of the landmarks have been made by man. You can see for yourself inside your village or city. There you will either have a mosque around you which will be used as an identity. Or there will be a man-made fortification door. Or like there will be a place like vegetable market, which you will have to give in your address. Apart from this, as if there is a famous doctor’s house or hospital near you, then it automatically starts working as a landmark. These hospitals or schools near you also serve as landmarks. Landmarks are made by humans only. And they are used for identification.

How are landmarks made?

Friends, we have told you above about the type of landmark, if we talk about how it is made, then natural landmarks are made automatically, but man-made landmarks are made only after becoming famous.

For example, a school has just been built near you. People don’t even know anything about him. But after running for a few years, that school became very famous through its good results, then after that he got to know the whole city.

Now if someone has to go near that school, what will he do? He will start using that school as a landmark. In this way the school has to be prepared as a landmark.

Landmarks are created in two ways. If one bad thing happens there, then that place is known as a landmark. Like GB Road in Delhi is the name of a place but it is especially famous for prostitutes.

As a landmark, the name is GB Road, but in reality it is used as a landmark because of the brothel, so it means that the landmark is not made only by being famous. Not only because of bad deeds, a place becomes especially famous.

The special thing about a landmark is that everyone likes to choose a good place as a landmark. But no one likes to choose a bad thing as a landmark. If you haven’t experienced it all, you can. It’s not a good idea to write bad places anyway.

‌‌‌Any place Of landmark having Of Symptom

Friends, how will you recognize that such a place has become a landmark, so we are telling you some of its symptoms. So that you can find out how many landmarks have been in your village. Or how many landmarks are there around your house.

  • If 90% of the people living around you know about a particular place, then it will become a landmark place. And after that you can use that as an identity.
  • The landmark can also be such that almost the whole city knows about it. Whose address can be told by everyone, then we can use it as a landmark.
  • A landmark is usually the name of a place. A landmark of one’s household name can also be used. If that person is famous enough.
  • Once the landmark is made, then it does not have any age limit. He has worked for almost a number of years.
  • If there is a famous shop near you, then you can also use it as a landmark.

landmark Of What Advantages would have been Huh

What are the benefits of landmark

Friends, landmark is very beneficial. Let us talk about the benefits of the landmark, if you do not know about its benefits, then we are going to tell you about it in detail.

landmark Of Help From House So far arriving In ease would have Is

Friends, like if someone wants to reach your home, now if you want to tell him your address, then you have to use some landmark for this. So that the next one will be easy. If you tell the name of your house directly, then it may be that many people do not know about you. But if you mention that landmark, then it will be known that where is your house? This will make it much easier to find your home.

In this way, the landmark is very beneficial to reach a particular place. You cannot reach that place without a landmark. Even though Google Maps is gone, you have to use Landmarks inside it too.

In this way, the landmark is very helpful to reach any address. You can reach an address only with the help of landmark.

If you look at the address of your house, then you will come to know that some landmark will be given inside it too. Especially if you live in the city, then the landmark becomes very useful. But if you live in a village, then there is no need for a landmark because the village is very small.

Landmark enhances the identity of a particular place

Friends, if the landmark is in a particular place, then the identity of that place becomes more. And the people who live near that place are very easily accessible. As someone lives near Gogamedi, then one can easily reach Gogamedi and after that the people living near it can be easily traced.

Landmark helps individuals to collect

Friends, what happens many times that we have to go together with other people, then we have to gather at some place. Now if the landmark is not there, then it will be very difficult to collect after that.

If there is a land mark, then easily we can ask all of them to come near it. Suppose you are going to play cricket then you have to call other player then you can collect all of them around that particular landmark. In this way landmark helps a lot in collecting people.

With the help of a landmark, you can find a lost person

Friends, suppose you are going somewhere and lost your way. Now if you want to go back to the right place then you have to ask someone. You have to use a landmark to ask more. For example, if you have to go near the railway station, then you will ask someone where the railway station is. If you ask them about your home or any other place, they will not be able to tell you. In this way, the landmark helps a lot in finding a lost person.

The rent is also determined by the landmark itself.

Friends, if you are inside the city and you have to go to any other place in the city, then for this you will use the landmark itself and tell that you have to go to that place. After that the car driver will talk to you about the money according to that distance. The fare is determined only with the help of the landmark. So in this way the landmark is very beneficial.

The delivery statement can be easily traced to your address

Friends, nowadays you must have seen that everyone does online shopping. In such a situation, the delivery person has to come to your home address to deliver the goods. In such a situation, that landmark is needed. If there is a landmark, the delivery man will be able to find you easily. For this reason, the landmark is also very beneficial.

Disadvantages of Landmark

Friends, there are many benefits of landmarks as well. But let us tell you that it also has many disadvantages. If there is a famous landmark near you, then there will be a crowded area around it, which can cause problems for you.

If the landmark is near your house, then anyone can easily find you after that. And if there is a famous landmark then everyone can find you. It is a very easy task for them.

Within the article landmark ka matlab, we have learned about the landmark in detail, hope that you would have liked this article. If you liked this article, do let us know by commenting. If you have any question regarding this then also give us some information.

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