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What is Google Web Stories?

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you Google web stories क्या है?, Google Web Stories Examples, Google Web Stories In Hindi about if you Google Web Stories If you want to get all the information about it, then you must read this article of ours in detail till the last.

What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Story It is made of AMP technology, you can post Webstory on your website and Google shows these web stories in Google Discover, this Web Story is very different from all other social media platforms.

Web Stories Through Google, you can tell your audience about your business by putting photos, graphics, text and links in your story, due to which more people will come to your website and people will know about your business and your work .

This is an AMP Stories which looks very good in smart phone and user experience is also very good, your Google Web Stories it will also be visible to people in Google Search, Google Image, Google Discover and so on. Web Feature stories With the help of this, a lot of traffic will also come to your website.

You can also place an Ad of Google Adsense on Google Web Stories, through which people will see advertising in the middle of your Webstory and through that your income will also increase.

Google Web Stories Examples

talk to Google Web Stories If it runs through AMP technology, it is visible in an enlarged screen in your mobile, due to which the user experience is good. Google Web Stories Examples You can see how it looks in the picture given below.

Google Web Stories Examples

Like story feature has been given on all social media and people are using it a lot for their business, in the same way now Google has also launched its story Google Web Story, through this feature many people make their business go ahead. increasing and Google Web Stories feature People are also liking it a lot.

Through Web Stories By Google, you can promote your business better and a lot of traffic will also come to your website, through which the performance of your website will also be very good.

Google Web Story Kaise Banaye?

Creating Google Web Stories is very easy because Google’s tool for creating Web Stories Google Web Stories WordPress It also has its own plugin, if your website is on wordpress then you can create Google Webstory very easily.

To create this Google Web Stories you Web Stories Like you can use WordPress Plugin, this plugin helps a lot in creating your web story and Google Web Stories Seo Also turns out to be much better.

In this plugin, you are also given Editing Tools to create Web Stories, in which you have to Photo, Graphic, Video, Text, Call To Action Many more tools are available to make your web story.

  • First you go to the Add New Plugin section Install and activate Google Web Stories Plugin.
  • Now the option of Stories will be visible in your Dashboard, click on it and click on Add New Story to open Add New Story.
  • After that the editing panel will be turned on to create a web story in front of you and you can create a story for your website from here.
  • In this Editing Panel you will get many types of features to create story such as Photo, Graphic, Video, Text, Animation, Call To Action, Templates.
  • And on the right side upwards you will see the option of Documents, from where you can also do SEO of your web story, you can apply URL and Hastags according to you.

What are the advantages of Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories It gives more and more traffic to your website, it leads to the people and people come to know about your website and about your business. Traffic comes to your website from Google Web Story if you use your website. Put the link in your web story and you get a lot of benefit. The web story will appear on Google’s search page and in Google Image, which will bring a lot of traffic to your website.

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