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The # 1 Rule that I give to everyone if they do NOT want a spyware virus is to not visit certain genre sites that may actively promote spyware. Such types of Genre’s include Torrent Sites, Warez, File Sharing & Porn.

These types of sites may use advertising companies that partner themselves with spyware companies such as Vundo which distributes spyware such as Antivirus 360, Antivirus 2009, Spyware Protect 2009 & More.

If you are already infected by a spyware virus, I would first try and download Spybot Search & Destroy. If after running a scan and fixing the problem, and the virus is still there, my second suggestion is to purchase Spydoctor. It is the one program that I will highly recommend to everyone. I have had a variety of spyware viruses over the last year, and I found that Spyware Doctor was able to get rid of a multitude of them.

Spyware Doctor also will help block advertising companies from serving you ads if they are known to distribute spyware.

The # 2 tip is you need a program that can detect & remove Spyware. If you already do, make sure you have set your options up to automatically download new virus definitions when they are available. Every day, a new “trojan clone” is developed and without the proper protection you can end up getting infected. If your program doesn’t have an option to automatically update their virus definitions, I recommend that you update at least once a week. (Personally I update at least twice a week). If you do not update your virus definitions, it can result in the user becoming frustrated with how slow their PC has become, and in extreme cases the Operating System can become compromised as a result of the infection.

Source by Shawn Moniz

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