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This Traffic Ultimatum review should help you decide whether George Brown’s latest traffic generating offering is worth purchasing.

Once you hit the members only area, the layout is clean, easy to navigate around and clearly split into various traffic getting sections.

The main split is between paid and free traffic sources, don’t worry if you do not wish to pay for your traffic, the meat of the Traffic Ultimatum course focuses on the free methods.

The course is very heavily based on video training from George Brown himself, so he has obviously not outsourced this part of the product creation, quite rightly so.

However you do not merely watch the traffic training videos, instead you are presented with a unique approach to learning. You are presented first with a pdf document, which includes prompts throughout to instruct you when to watch each accompanying video.

I personally thoroughly enjoyed this method of teaching, flipping back and forth between pdf and video training.

Are new traffic techniques revealed?

In a word, no.

However George does share some hot tips or time saver tips with members and these are golden nuggets, many of which I had not encountered before. For example, George discusses video marketing for traffic and rather than just plugging the usual tubemogul path, he discusses Ning sites which look certain to generate many videos views and free traffic.

Each traffic section includes a hot tip, and these alone are worth the small cost of this traffic package.

So who exactly will Traffic Ultimatum suit?

Ideally newbie traffic seekers, people who have not yet dipped their toes into the depths of free and paid traffic generation.

So if you are a relatively new site owner, looking for a wealth of ways to generate real traffic to your site then this is suitable for your needs.

Who won’t benefit from Traffic Ultimatum?

Anyone who is looking to optimize their sites for SEO or search engine purposes as this is not discussed in great detail.

Will you receive a massive amount of site traffic after using Traffic Ultimatum?

If you are willing to put in the hours then yes the free traffic methods will bring a ton of traffic to your site.

If you are looking for fast traffic then you would be better skipping to the paid traffic training methods.

To summarize, this product is priced low, but don’t let the price put you off, this is not an inferior product by any means and over delivers with solid value, those willing to roll their sleeves up and actually take action on George Brown’s training should benefit greatly from this course.

Source by Alex N Neill

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